INNOSILICON T2 Turbo(T2T) Miner (Shipping Sep 20th – Sep 24th)


Order the new INNOSILICON T2T 24TH/s, 1980W+10% Bitcoin Miner

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***Please notice, due to recent 27.6% tariffs on miners, price has been increased until we can renegotiate pricing in our supply chain, in the next few days we will offer discounted pricing to customers outside of the United States to remove the tariff from the price.  The price listed includes all tariffs/duties/taxes into the United states.  Unfortunately this tariff is unavoidable.  CBP will prosecute any individual or company attempting to bypass the tariff.  Thank you for your understanding.***


INNOSILICON T2Turbo Miner is the new generation BTC mining product. Just as our Terminator 2 (T2), it adopts the state-of-the-art semiconductor technology with the innovative dynamic frequency scaling architecture for added efficiency and reliability.

  • Hashrate:24TH/s (+/-5%)
  • Power Consumption:1980W (+10%, normal mode, at the wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25°C temperature )
  • Chip Type:INNOSILICON T2 Turbo Miner
  • Dimensions:408mm(L)*135mm(W)*232mm(H)
  • Net Weight:8.82KG
  • Ambient Temperature:0°C—85°C (device junction temperature)
  • Network Connection:Ethernet

This product contains:

1 X Innosilicon T2 Turbo(T2T) (Comes with Built in power supply)

Innosilicon T2 Turbo(T2T) is fully tested and open for order now! Delivery starts from 15th August to 25th August.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 7 x 12 in

24TH/s (+/-5%)



Power Consumption:

1980W (+10%, normal mode, at the wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25°C temperature )

Chip Type:




Net Weight:


Ambient Temperature:

0°C—85°C (device junction temperature)

Network Connection:



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